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Insight Investment Partners was established in November 2009 to offer direct investment financial planning. We offer capabilities in SMSF, Superannuation, Shares and Funds Management, Debt Management, Borrowing, Risk Insurance and Estate Planning.

Insight Investment Partners is privately owned and holds its own investment advisory license registered with ASIC with AFSL No 368175.

Superannuation and Retirement

Insight Investment Partners understands that planning for retirement is one of life's most important financial considerations. There are many different methods or strategies to help maximise retirement income, however superannuation represents one of the most effective strategies available.

It is important no matter how early or late in a career, to take an interest in your superannuation plan. It represents the most tax effective long term retirement savings plan available, with many different strategies available to help maximise retirement savings through super.

Whatever the personal plans we can help decide on the most appropriate strategy. Our suite of products and solutions includes various product providers and fund managers as well as the opportunity for direct investment. Whether a fully managed superannuation fund or a DIY super fund, we can advise on strategic advice and provide ongoing investment portfolio management.

SMSF Super

The management of a DIY superfund via SMSF is becoming an increasingly popular choice among investors who want control over their assets and the choice of investment decisions.

At Insight Investment Partners we provide guidance through the many and varied aspects of DIY super from establishment to investment strategy, to compliance and investment decisions. Typically in a DIY SMSF, you are personally making the investment decisions and allocations, however you can benefit from our assistance and advice and have access to our extensive research and knowledge database, to tailor a fund to individual needs.

Corporate Superannuation

In you are a small to medium sized business, providing a default superannuation and insurance platform is a tremendous benefit for employees. However, selecting, managing and reviewing the fund(s) can be challenging.

Insight Investment Partners can assist in accessing the different corporate superannuation platforms and compare investment choices with price and technical or administrative support.

Shares and Managed Funds

Investing in shares and managed funds can be effected in two distinct ways; either by direct investment in the shares themselves or by investing into a managed fund or unit trust which invests on your behalf.

We can handle both forms of investing and specialise in direct investments across a number of asset classes.

Managed funds can be a sensible way of investing when dealing in more complex asset classes like international shares, hedge funds or specific sub sectors of assets classes like commodities. It is also a sensible way of investing when dealing with smaller amounts monies as it offers instant diversification. Our access to managed funds is extensive and we constantly rate the best available funds.

Risk and Insurance

There are a number of types of insurance to consider when dealing with financial advice.

Life insurance is important for those that have a family, allowing them to be sufficiently covered to protect assets and the family's wellbeing and livelihood.

While life cover will look after your family in the event of your death, Income protection insurance will cover for the loss of income by way of illness or accident and unemployment.

Trauma insurance, where trauma is categorised as critical illness or crisis, will cover a specific defined list of illnesses.

Key Person Insurance is designed to protect a business from the loss of a key person through death, disablement or trauma. A complement to Income Protection Insurance is Business Expense Insurance designed for small business. This reimburses for eligible business overheads while the client is disabled, injured or sick.

Insight Investment Partners after reviewing overall insurance needs, can recommend and has established relationships with specialist insurance advisors, so providing access to the best available products for your consideration.

Estate Planning

The planning of your estate can ensure your assets are distributed in a tax effective manner and according to your wishes.

A power of attorney can form part of estate planning and as accidents can and do happen, it is never too soon to plan your estate. Typically your lawyer, accountant and financial advisors will work together to ensure a smooth transfer of assets.

Stock Broking Services

Insight Investment Partners offers a full Service stockbroking facility through our relationship with qualified and licensed broking firms. Our advice covers portfolio construction, investment selection and trade execution.

We have live online access to prices and news alerts for your benefit and of course we access a multitude of research to assist with you with investment decisions.