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At Insight we offer financial advisers a deep license, warm leads and leading innovations in adviser technology and support. We are practicing advisers, dedicated to improving and enhancing the experience of every CAR and adviser within our dealer group.

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Unparalleled support

Our systems and processes are some of the most efficient you will find in the industry. As a team we are dedicated to always improving the way we do things so we are always as efficient as possible.

We offer flexibility to work under your own brand or inside the Insight business.

Either way, you will always have access to the decades of knowledge and industry experience that sit within our team.

Unparallelled support

Technology driven processes

Technology is at the heart of our business. We don’t just wait for the right technology to fall in our lap… we take the lead to develop it, transforming the industry as we go.

Leveraging our processes will reduce your headaches, giving you more time to spend on client work and less time on admin and compliance.

These efficiencies – and the technology that sits behind them – are the key to unlocking a prosperous financial planning career.

Technology driven processes

A focus on compliance

Our industry is compliance driven… for good reason. But we take a different approach to compliance than is standard in the industry.

Everything we do to create efficiencies in our business and processes is focussed on making the client experience a better one… and reducing the compliance woes our advisors deal with every day.

We don’t want compliance to be another check box that takes up your valuable time… we have spun compliance on its head to make it a robust process that simply flows.

Insight Management - A focus on compliance

Complete service offering

Our strategic advantage is that we are not just in the business of wealth.

We are tax accountants, business technology experts, lawyers, mortgage brokers and sports managers.

No matter what services your clients need, you can refer them in-house… now that’s an impressive offer to clients.

Contact us to learn more about joining the Insight Dealer Group and redefining the financial advice industry.

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