Andrew Wardle

Non-Executive Director

“The Insight team are genuine people. They are highly motivated with a strong work ethic. They aren’t out for themselves… they want to do the right thing by people and to make the Insight group a better place.”

Andrew Wardle brings 26 years of global banking experience to the Insight Board. Funds management, commodities, fixed income, equities, hybrids, structured products, he has experience across the full breadth of global investment banking.

In his last corporate role leading global markets across Asia Pacific for Société Générale, Andrew managed large teams and even larger budgets.

These days, Andrew uses his expertise on the Insight Board and the Investment Committee. He gives oversight across asset classes that are applied to specific investment opportunities for the business.

“My role is to look strategically at the Insight business and how we can deliver for our current clients and the business. I take a broader look at the vision, direction and future of the business.”

Andrew loves being part of a team that is solutions-focused.

“The big thing for me is working on strategic solutions and being part of a team that is about solving problems. The Insight team are a   good bunch of people – small teams that are energetic are fun.”

The advice Andrew gives to his three kids about careers is that they just have to follow their nose. He started as a Chartered Accountant….

“I bumbled my way into a trader’s role where I had absolutely no idea where I was going… it was lucky for me that I landed in an industry I loved.”

When Andrew isn’t busy analysing financial markets, he competes in major national and international ocean ski events and loves to play golf.

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