Anthony Lyon


Anthony Lyon started his career as an accountant… but after six years in the industry he realised he wanted to do more than just lodge tax returns. With his hopes of playing professional rugby dashed after a neck injury, he decided to become a financial advisor and he hasn’t looked back.

“Accounting was more about lodging tax returns for the sake of paying tax and because you had to do it. Financial planning is more legitimately helping the clients – understanding their goals and what they want in life and tailoring a financial plan around that.”

Anthony joined Insight in 2013 and since then, along with Chris, co-created iComply2. As financial advisors themselves, they could see the potential for building something amazing for the industry – and that’s what they did.

“The more I started to research it, the more I realised that we could make big changes to the way things had always been done. I taught myself the coding in XPLAN and I’m starting to build out the efficiencies in running a business with Microsoft suite.”

In addition to iComply2, Anthony also manages the Insight team of financial advisors and works on growing the business. He is passionate about growing a truly innovative and responsive team of financial advisors to disrupt what has become a stale market.

More than that, Anthony is driven to find something that will change the game in the way things are done in the industry… because he knows that the potential improvements are never ending.

“The advisors we get are always looking for something new… they are really aligned to the technology side of things so they are more progressive – they are open to challenging the way things are done.

You’ve got a bunch of older planners, lawyers etc., who like doing things the old way and have never tried to change that so they just do things the way they have always done them. The people at the top aren’t really trying to challenge technology and a lot of the IT people don’t understand financial planning so there is a real disconnect that stops change happening.”

Anthony has two young kids and they head to the family farm in Bathurst as often as they can. But Anthony grew up near the beach doing surf life saving and beach sprints so that is where his heart really lies.

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