Calvin Chung

Head of XPLAN Development

“I support the team on the technological side as well as having the knowledge to navigate and explain XPLAN. I work across software issues, capabilities and any software that the financial advisors need to do what their roles require.

I also ensure that everything is correct for the advice documents they produce as well as preparing templates for the statements of advice that we present to clients.”

In simple terms, Calvin Chung’s job is all about making life easier for the compliance managers and financial advisors he supports.

That frees them up to spend more time working with clients and delivering an exceptional service.

Calvin knows that Insight is leading innovation in the financial advice industry.

“In the current financial advice industry, my role is quite new because the use of technology is still quite new. There are a lot of people in the older generation who don’t see the value of using technology to bring efficiency.

In the role I’m in now, it’s my job to let people know they are missing out on something exceptional that is going to be a game changer in the industry.

In a way, my role is similar to an IT role but the difference is the IT people don’t have an understanding of how a financial planning business works so they won’t put themselves in the advisor’s shoes to make things more presentable for the clients. I have a lot of discussions with the advisors to make sure everything is working for them and the clients.”

It is knowing that the work he is doing is actually helping people that drives and motivates Calvin. He enjoys his role as a teacher and a helper, knowing that this is what the financial planning industry is all about.

“I’m not in the front end helping the clients; however, the work I do is combined with technology, which is what I’m passionate about. Technology helps people do their job and saves them time. The fact that I can help people, combined with my passion for technology is what gets me up in the morning.”

Calvin is a big fan of racquet sports, playing a lot of tennis and table tennis – as well as golf.

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