Eldar Yilidaer

XPLAN Development/Adviser Support

“My expertise is in data analytics – analysing data and finding patterns to predict results. I learnt coding during my degree and it is essential for my job.

In the future we might try to use artificial intelligence to analyse client financial strategies and that really excites me.”

Eldar Yilidaer studied data analytics at university and now uses that skill to code the software used by financial advisers to improve their efficiency… and generally make their lives easier.

Originally, he applied for a financial adviser role at Insight but the role he ended up in has reframed his career goals.

He loves the coding work and knowing that the work he does actually has an impact on the client.

“I like helping people and I have a sense of achievement if I can really help financial advisers to do their job through my coding.”

For a kid who once wanted to be a CEO and own his own company, the financial industry has really opened his eyes to so many opportunities.

He likes the people he works with at Insight because they all trust each other and can rely on each other to get the job done.

Eldar is a competitive guy and has played basketball since he was in primary school. He loves to read… and if you want to understand more about the international economic system, he recommends ‘The Wealth of Nations’ by Adam Smith.

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