Jennifer Abdallah

Head of Tax and Accounting

Jennifer Abdallah’s mother told her she would be an accountant… thankfully she never questioned it because for more than 35 years she has loved her work.

As the lead of the tax and accounting team, Jennifer is responsible for the output of her team. From financial statements to preparing tax returns, tax planning, payroll tax, BAS returns and understanding how the legislation applies to her clients, Jennifer is across all the details… she admits herself that she runs a very tight ship!

“I absolutely love my job. It has been very good to me because I have been able to work on my own from home for 20+years while my kids were younger. My job is dynamic and interesting, working with a lot of different clients.

I love being an accountant and solving problems. I love seeing the end result and helping clients to minimise their taxes.

We pick up a lot of clients who have had bad experiences with other accountants… once I get across their situation it’s so rewarding to see the difference it makes when I have got them to where they need to be.”

After growing her own successful accounting practice, Jennifer merged with Insight in 2015. She is proud of the team she has built and the high standard of work they produce.

“We’ve got some really great clients and my team is amazing. They are reliable and their work is phenomenal; I’m so impressed. Once I show them how I want things done, they just fly with it.”

Jennifer has been fortunate to travel the world with her husband and three children… she has spent a week in the Amazon, has been on multiple safaris and travelled to America, Europe and the Middle East many times over. She looks forward to getting back to her passion for running… one day.

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