Karen Truman

Financial Adviser

Karen’s role brings together her expertise in financial strategy and a passion for quality client management. With a long background in financial planning, Karen is ideally placed to provide Insight clients with quality financial advice – and solutions.

“I have a huge fascination with financial markets, and I love being able to help people, so I really enjoy working at that intersection of people and finance.

When I began working in the industry, I realised that this was such valuable information that everyone should have. And I really enjoy helping people by sharing that knowledge, advising clients on best strategies and helping them achieve long-term financial goals.”

Karen’s financial expertise stems from an initial degree in Business Analysis, reinforced with further studies in financial planning and financial business management. Since her first role with a boutique wealth management company, Karen has enjoyed building long-term relationships with clients – and solving problems.

“I enjoy meeting clients, finding out what they want and getting stuck into strategy. And then when I can retain those client relationships over time and see them reach their financial goals, it’s very satisfying.”

Karen’s people skills stem from a lifelong love of travel… and new encounters. She had an eclectic childhood growing up in Papua New Guinea, Guam and Christchurch. She moved to London aged 20. And she’s travelled widely in Europe, Asia and America.

“I think I have a good rapport with people. And I also have a love of learning, which I get to indulge personally – with travel – and professionally.”

Now Karen is looking forward to new horizons with Insight and to offering her expert financial planning skills to our valued clients.

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