Rod Gardner

Financial Adviser

Rod Gardner brings with him a wealth of experience with more than 20 years working as a financial adviser. He has always worked in finance but found his passion when he landed in financial planning.

“I like the challenge. Every day is a different day. Everyone has a different story to tell. I like to hear customer back stories about their families and what they do in their life and their plans for retirement. The different stories create interest in my job.

It’s satisfying when you put together an SOA ready to present to the client. That’s the real benefit – getting the stuff I recommend to clients implemented.”

He works across the full gamut of financial advice… superannuation and retirement advice, investment advice and wealth protection, estate planning, debt planning…

But his expertise is with pre-retirees and newly retired clients who are establishing their retirement income needs. Rod also has a unique specialty in aged care. He is able to help clients and their families with some pretty hefty financial decisions at this stage of life.

Rod loves working at Insight because of their innovative position within the market.

“Insight is a progressive company continually looking for ways to improve things and do things in a better way. They push the envelope with technology, which is very different from where I came from. They are nimble and able to react to changes in the market with their finger on the pulse with a view to the constant evolution of how we can do things better.”

Rod is a family man – dad to two teenagers – and a man who holds family values very dear to his heart. He is also a keen gardener but spends most of his time trying to work out what plants the possums won’t eat – and planting those.

Rod loves indulging in his passion for photography… a skill he is now passing on to his daughter.

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