Ry Stanes

Senior Financial Adviser

Ry Stanes was on a career path to being an osteopath… and then halfway through his career in human biology he realised it wasn’t the career for him. He stepped into a role in finance and quickly discovered an interest in financial planning.

Ry may have fallen into his career but he quickly developed a passion and skill for helping people look after their money.

“What I pride myself on – apart from the technical side of the role and the knowledge that I do things correctly for my clients – is that I break complex concepts down for my clients so they can easily absorb them. They don’t walk out of our meetings befuddled by industry jargon.”

With clients at all stages of life, from young professionals to retirees, Ry is adaptable to whatever situation his clients are in. He provides advice on superannuation, investment strategies and ensuring clients have adequate personal insurance so they are protected should the worst happen.

When Ry was a kid, he wanted to be a magician… and we dare say that he has probably pulled his fair share of rabbits out of hats to get results for his clients. And it is his clients that Ry loves most about his job.

“Every client is different. Every financial situation is a puzzle and it’s about working how the pieces of the puzzle go together to make things work efficiently for the client.”

Ry loves that Insight puts customers first… he is supported to do what he needs to do to get the best outcomes for his clients. Having worked in large financial institutions where the focus is on risk mitigation at a whole business level, the Insight approach is refreshing and unique in the industry.

Ry is a movie buff… but with two young kids, his trips to the movies these days are few and far between. He also has an appreciation for good wine and has played baseball for most of his life… although these days it’s not so much for the competition but the excuse to catch up with friends he has played with for more than 20 years.

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