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We are in sports management for the long game. We know that building a career as an athlete takes time, dedication, perseverance and hard work. While you are doing the hard yards on the field, we are working just as hard off the field to ensure you are set up for success.

The right advice

The right advice

Our team of agents have sport in their blood. They understand that for many, the dream of playing professional sport can only become a reality with the right advice and support. We’ve seen it all too often – players who haven’t had the support in place from the beginning and they have thrown away money, hard work and wasted potential.

We handle contract negotiations and sponsorships, and we look after your financial interests so you can do what you do best… playing sport.

We have your best interests in mind – always.

Full service offering

Full service offering

Our business was built with origins in financial advice so we take a proven commercial approach to athlete management.

As an integrated, full service company, we can offer you a service like no other. Each member of our team is professionally qualified… but more than that, we have a team of financial advisers, tax accountants, mortgage brokers and lawyers at our fingertips to set you up for success both in your playing years and also investing for life after the game.

Unparallelled support

International connections

We have strong connections with international clubs and work with players both in Australia and overseas.

We take a global view for our players and seek out the best opportunities, regardless of where they might be.

We have clients in Australia and overseas and the service they receive from us is the same – our 100% dedication to supporting and growing their careers.

To discuss how we can represent you in your professional sports career, contact us today.

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