Tiffany Doan

Senior Accountant/Lawyer

What Tiffany Doan loves most about her role as an accountant at Insight is the variety of the challenges that she works on.

“I do different things every single day. I get to do some payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, business planning, tax. I have a portfolio of clients and deal with their day to day business and monthly and quarterly work. I love to watch my clients’ businesses grow. I love the challenge of coming up with different strategies and plans for their businesses. Monitoring their business performance is key… I want to see them successful and with big profits!”

Tiffany has been with Insight since 2016 and has years of experience prior to that as an accountant.

But her experience is more diverse than only accounting… while living in Vietnam she worked at a large oil industry company and was involved in building government relationships and negotiations as a senior representative of the company.

She feels like she has found a home at Insight and thinks the world of the people she works with.

“I feel like Insight is my second family. I feel like we share a lot of things together in life and not just work. I have so many mentors in the team… if I need anything I will just shout out and others will help and guide me… in both work and life.”

Tiffany is mum to two young kids so finding time to herself is a luxury. On the weekends she takes the kids camping, swimming, bike riding and sightseeing… and they all look forward to their annual trips back to Vietnam to visit Tiffany’s parents who are still living there.

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