Tobias Fellas

Junior Paraplanner

Tobias Fellas has always had an excellent role model in the finance industry… his dad and Insight CEO Chris Fellas.

He started at Insight as an administration assistant, mainly working on data entry. With the development of iCompy2 there came an opportunity to move into the role of Junior Paraplanner supporting the Insight Financial Advisors… and Tobias jumped at the challenge.

“My skills are quite specialised in that I really have to understand the software that I am using to model the advice for the advisors’ clients. I have to review all the data for the clients and ensure it is correct. I need to make sure it is compliant and there is quality in the inputs so there is quality in the outputs.

The best thing about my job is that I know what I’m doing can seriously help people with retirement or setting up a family and managing their finances.”

Tobias has an impeccable attention to detail… his standards are high and he never cuts corners. Given that the role of a Paraplanner is to work on assumptions and interpretations of advisor recommendations, it’s a good thing that Tobias is prepared to go over everything with a fine-toothed comb.

He won’t settle for anything less than exceptional.

“I always try to take myself out of the picture and ensure that I understand each client’s position as best I can. At the end of the day it’s still up to my discretion as to how I would structure the advice document but I want to make sure everything I do is ethical and represents the client without bias or conflict.”

Tobias is currently studying a Bachelor of Finance and Bachelor of Accounting in Canberra so you won’t see him if you pop into the Insight office… but rest assured he is working to the highest standard you would expect from the Insight team.

While work and study don’t leave a lot of time for pleasure, Tobias enjoys keeping fit and active, going to the gym six days a week. Good thing, because he is also a foodie and drinks up to five coffees a day.

If he could invite any three people to dinner he would be enjoying a meal with Ronald Regan for his presentation skills, Warren Buffett for his level headed approach and Maggie Thatcher for her strength and imposing nature.

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