Tyrone Dutt

Tyrone Dutt

Solicitor Director and Group Legal Counsel

“Clients have problems, they come to me and I fix them. The fact that we have a lawyer in the Insight Group gives our clients a sense of ease and assurance. I give clients options and get rid of the panic that legal issues can bring.”

Tyrone Dutt always wanted to be a lawyer, but what he thought a lawyer would do and the actual practice of law were very different. Far from the glamour of law we see on the TV, Tyrone has worked in some of the most difficult areas of law practice.

From very early on in his career, Tyrone proved that he was adaptable and prepared to do any job to grow his experience.

And that experience has helped make him the lawyer he is today… a damned good one.

Tyrone’s role within Insight is varied; in his role as Solicitor Director of Insight Legal he works with clients on a range of commercial law matters. From drafting employment agreements, business restructuring, advising on shareholder agreements and debt litigation, he adapts his skills to what the clients need.

Tyrone is also Group Legal Counsel, representing the Insight Group in its legal obligations. And if all of that is not enough, he is also Co-Managing Director of Insight Sports, representing the football (soccer) clients who sign with Insight.

“What drives me is being able to address problems, find solutions and guide clients in respect of solutions that fit their circumstances. No two days are the same. It’s a fast paced environment and I thrive on that. I don’t like to have idle hands. I like to be challenged and that’s the role I’m in. My role is so varied and enjoyable because of the challenges that come my way.”

Tyrone has two young children, so between family and work he doesn’t have a lot of time for hobbies. He loves to watch competitive sport, and that’s how he unwinds after a day of work. Speaking of unwinding, Tyrone is also a watch collector with a lot of respect for the art of watchmaking.

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