Werner Jansen

Financial Adviser

Werner Jansen starts every day with a cold shower… because if that’s the first thing he does each morning then he knows he can handle any challenge the day throws at him.

While he had aspirations to play professional tennis and dreamt of the green grass of Wimbledon, Werner followed in his father’s footsteps and became a financial adviser.

He hails from Johannesburg and has also lived in London, before settling in Sydney in 2017, joining Insight two years later.

If he wasn’t a financial adviser, Werner would be a psychologist.

He enjoys the elements of his job that allow him to interact with and get to understand people on a deeper level.

“Anybody can do the numbers bit, but when you are working with people, they are very complex. The more you can understand their behaviours, the more chance you have of coming up with the thing that is going to drive their good behaviour in terms of helping them.

What I really enjoy is changing my clients’ attitudes and behaviours towards money… not feeling anxious about when their salary will be paid into their accounts.

My joy comes from delivering them with a structure and the motivational coaching to get them in control and building wealth from there.”

For Werner, he views the work he does with his clients as a partnership on a journey that he shares with them.

“The best bit of my job is having conversations with clients about what is important to them and then building the road map to get them there. When you build that trust and they open up about their fears, anxieties and joys, it can help you get them closer to their desired lifestyle.”

Werner recently started coaching his girlfriend’s over 35 soccer team… he loves a challenge and putting himself in uncomfortable situations, so put his hand up when no one else would. He loves to read self-improvement books and has a passion for learning new things.

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